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Inspiring all 






Our Mission

The company has been running for a number of years and has developed due to the investment by the directors to promote physical activity, wellbeing and interpersonal skills to young people in schools.  Sporting Schools Ltd was founded over three years ago with a single goal and that was to shake up the existing sports coaching companies with fresh viewpoints, new systems and pupil success stories that unfold daily within schools, fields and courts all over the country.

Information For Schools

Throughout many of our schools we have identified that their is a definite need for lunchtime supervision, afterschool clubs and PPA Sessions.  Behaviour problems were taking up valuable teaching and learning time and stopping pupils from achieving their best in lessons.  By increasing the children’s involvement in Lunchtime activities and various behaviour management workshops there has been a considerable drop in behavioural incidents within our schools.

Local Teams

We have created links to some of the local sports clubs to use them as feeders for our gifted and talented children.