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Inspiring all 






We deliver nationally recognised qualifications that will enhance the opportunities of securing employment. Our programmes are inclusive and we are fully aware that people are at different stages of their journey. So the programmes are designed specifically to the individual’s needs.

We are unique in our approach to the accredited programmes we offer, as we integrate maths and English into our courses, which brings confidence to our clients as they are learning the subjects through specific examples from an area of interest. We call this ‘learning without knowing’. Relating these functional skills to a programme of interest enthuses our learners and they are able to loose that fear factor when doing these subjects.

Accredited Courses

Courses for those who are not fully engaged within the school environment, long-term unemployed or want a complete career change. People participating in these types of courses will be working towards a nationally recognised qualification. They will also have a development plan set out for them to help them achieve their set targets.  

The courses vary in duration depending on the level that is being undertaken. There is lots of flexibility when assessing candidates as we recognise people learn in a variety of ways.

Our employability skills programme has over 30 different units to choose from.

The accredited courses we can offer range from entry level to level 3.

6. Business & Admin

7. Employability Skills

8. Mentoring & Coaching

9. Hospitality and catering

10. Business and Administration

11. Skills for Life and personal Development