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Bespoke Training and Education help develop the person, improve wellbeing, increase self-esteem and develop pathways to expand opportunities for people to reach their full potential in numerous subject specific qualifications. We have also developed a number of health and well-being programmes, which are based around relaxation, fun, and developing individual’s self-esteem, confidence and improving health.

We cover a range of nationally recognised qualifications that will enhance the opportunities of securing employment. Our programmes are inclusive and we are fully aware that people are at different stages of their journey.

The staff have over 40 years’ experience within the education sector. They have lectured, designed, developed and inspected courses for a variety of awarding bodies and education establishments.

The staff all undergo a rigorous graded observation, they maintain relevant CPD training. The managers have all been through Ofsted inspections.

They have helped develop a variety of courses for people who have had profound disabilities, long term absence from school, mental health issues and long term unemployed.

We are unique in our approach to the accredited programmes we offer, as we link into several regional and national projects. We integrate maths and English into our courses, which brings confidence to our clients as they are learning the subjects through specific examples from an area of interest. We call this ‘learning without knowing’. This approach has shown great strides for people who have had a bad experience of subject areas and it builds on their desire to work within a specific industry, with the inclusion of maths and English, which is totally related to their field of employment. It develops a greater desire to start improving on their maths and English skills.