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We can bring a variety of animals to your venue, so you are able to experience how they move, feel and react with humans.

We run a variety of workshops which cover everything from the primary school national curriculum to ones geared around building confidence and generating conversation.

The farm can be based indoor or outdoor. You can have over 11 different types of animals ranging from farm to exotic ones.


Working to the national curriculum for EYFS, we design the workshop with the nursery staff. All worksheets are sent in advance, so we are working together making sure the children are getting as much out of the workshop as possible.

  • Personal, social and emotional development when interacting with our staff, the animals and working in small groups, gaining basic knowledge of the animals, how to care, feed and play with the animals.
  • Communication, language and literacy is developed through the workshop by having question and answer sessions, underpinning existing knowledge of the animals.
  • Problem solving, reasoning, literacy and creativity is covered by doing age related quizzes and colouring tasks.
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the animal world
  • Physical development


Primary Schools

Working to the national curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Let children experience close up by holding the animals, see how they move, clean and protect themselves. Learn about their what they eat and how they interact with others, including humans. Compare the different animals and analyse what type of habitat they would live in. Do they hibernate? Are they herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? 

Community Events

Our animals help generate interest around the existing community event. People can interact with our animals, cuddling, feeding and grooming them.  Lots of opportunities to ask questions and get involved with the various animals

Care Homes

A selection of small animals including: Chickens, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, stick insects, millipedes and pygmy hedgehog.  This will enable the residents to become familiar with a variety of animals and help generate conversation and lasting memories of the day. 

Holiday Clubs

Learn about the farm and exotic animals. Spend a morning or afternoon with them, play with them, helping clean them out, give them a health check and play a few games and quizzes based around the animals that you have been holding and learning about. See over 10 different types of animal whilst in the workshop. Look on our website for events near you.


Animal Workshop - Cubs - Snail
Childrens Animal Workshop 3
Childrens Animal Workshop Day
hen and chick
Meet Hannah the Hedgehog
Mini Beasts 4
Mini Beasts 2
Mini Beasts 3
Pic of our Albino snail
Animal Workshop - Cubs Event - pic of set up
Childrens Animal Workshop 4
Childrens Animal Workshop Day 2