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Wellbeing Programme

The programmes we offer range from 4 to 12 weeks. Developed around the individual’s needs. Geared around improving resilience, communication, self-confidence, working in small groups or just relaxing and reducing stress, anxiety but having fun.

A gentle way of getting people back into a routine and showing them, what opportunities are available from volunteering to doing an accredited qualification. This has been successful when working with people who have had a bad experienced of school, who lack confidence or become unemployed or have a mental illness.[JC1] 

Looking at Wildlife

Working outdoors and help improve aspects of nature, learn some woodland crafts along the way. A course based around the seasons, therefore, the contents of the programme vary throughout the year. 

Photographing wildlife, making collages, designing art which will go on our website for people to buy mugs, towels and calendars.

Constructing habitats, such as a bat, bug, owl and other types of habitats boxes. These will then be taken to specific projects within a local area to help develop the environment.

Monitoring of wildlife to help gain statistical information, which will go towards new projects. 

Animal Magic

Helping on our smallholding with the animals, learn about the welfare, health and maintenance of our animals. Have a relaxing time working with our horses, hens, turkeys, ducks, hedgehog, millipedes and guinea pigs. Help take our dogs Bess and Digger for a walk in the countryside. 


Natural horsemanship. Work with horses and experience how to connect with an animal by understanding the needs and characteristics.

Compare the needs of a horse with human needs. Learn the basics of riding a horse from a lead reign to walking around the arena unaided. Take care of the horse throughout the day design the jumps course for the horse and the rider.

Rural Therapy

A learning experience that is suitable for all ages and abilities the activities will be related to either the natural environment, food, animals, health and fitness or arts and crafts. On completion of these programmes, young people can have the opportunity to progress to a nationally recognised qualification in their chosen area.


Horticultural Therapy

Our programme works with young people and children to support emotional and social well being; support the learning of new skills and development of existing skills; enjoyment; achievements and freedom from daily pressures of a school or home environment.

We work with young people who are excluded from school. We work with those who are suffering from mental illness or who are long-term unemployed. Food for thought. Picking and eating veg and fruit from our allotment. Pressing apples and making recipes from our hedgerows (seasonal)

Working on projects such as planting out, designing new raised planting beds. Experience designing a vegetable patch, then doing a miniature version as a window box or raised bed to work on at home.

Art and Craft Therapy

A stimulating and relaxing days creating a range of arts and crafts. These days provide people with time to reflect, improve self-esteem, confidence, communication and personal well-being.

Walks in the countryside to generate ideas collect materials. We also visit the Welsh coastline to beachcomb and come back with treasures to develop into unique designs. Looking at designing bespoke crafts, paintings, weaving, designing totem poles, painting. Painting plant pots, stones and branches to create unusual works of art. Sign making from natural recourses and ceramics. The work will be displayed at a celebration event at the end of the course.


Sport, Recreation and Fitness Therapy

Choose a variety of activities such as cycling, canoeing, golf, countryside and coastal walks, forest fitness, climbing and gym workouts. Try a variety of new sports and activities such as archery, fencing, skittles, bowls, table tennis, golf or horse riding.

Learn what a healthy lifestyle consists of. Improve your own fitness. and personal well-being and participating in several taster sessions.

Adventure Outdoor Activities

At our sites in St Asaph, North Wales, Staffordshire and Shropshire we have a variety of activities that help improve confidence, teamwork, overcome barriers and help develop individuals to have a positive ‘I can do it’ attitude. They experience the ‘WOW’ factor by participating in a variety of activities from rafting, abseiling, ropes courses, gorge walking, caving and quad biking to name but a few.

Benefits of our Programmes can include:

Nationally Recognised Qualifications -     From entry level to level 4.

  • Improved personal confidence
  • Improved communication skills
  • Greater self esteem
  • An awareness of the natural environment
  • An understanding of the opportunities of further learning and employment
  • Improved practical skills
  • Enhanced mental health and well-being
  • Real life work experience with positive references
  • Improved chances of employment.
  • Opportunities for self-employment.