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Accredited Courses

We are accredited by Open College Network and 1st4sport

Our range of courses are from individual unit accreditation, entry level to level3.

Courses are aimed at people who are not in mainstream education or for those who are long-term unemployed, or want a complete career change can be developed.

People participating in these types of courses will also have a personal development plan set out for them.

The qualifications gained will allow then to study higher levels in school or further education should .


The courses vary in duration depending on the level that is being undertaken. There is lots of flexibility when assessing candidates as we recognise people learn in a variety of ways.

All our courses have aspects of employability skills implemented into them. We have over 30 different units to choose from.

We are also able to integrate maths and English alongside the main programme. This builds confidence for future learning, as they are based around the main area of interest.


  • Skills for Life and personal Development
  • Employability Skills
  • Sports, Fitness and Coaching
  • Horticulture
  • Environmental Conservation and Land Based
  • Functional Skills – English, maths and IT
  • Business and Administration
  • First Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Animal Care


Mentoring & Tutoring Programme

Our staff run a variety of programmes, which are based around getting the best possible experience, results and life opportunities from the educational or wellbeing programmes.


Chats 4 Change – Personal wellbeing tutorials


Helping people to find motivation, seek direction, but more importantly progress at their own pace.We help source opportunities for people who are not sure what they can do.


Subject Specific Tutorial


All students will have one to one tutorials relating to their main programme. There will be opportunities for students to choose how they get assessed on certain aspects of the course they are studying.


Tom’s Woodland Adventure & Farm Days

We offer a variety of programmes to engage children and adults alike. Please contact us to discuss.

Our school programmes follow the national curriculum. They give children the opportunity to meet and handle our range of animals from spiders, cockroaches, dogs, pigs and sheep.

We give talks about the characteristics, living environment, food they eat.

Children will go away with an information pack f or their class and a variety of pictures. The school will also be given a link, which will give a live footage of the animals that the children have seen in their normal habitat.

The variety of programmes include

Building confidence working with small animal days

Bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies

Farm experience at your school – Pigs, ducks, hens and Wendy (The sheep)

Meet the furry family – Rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and hamsters


Sports Coaching

Working alongside our sister company Sporting Schools Ltd we coach a variety of sports in line with the national primary and secondary curriculum.

As part of our services we also run lunchtime and after school sports clubs and cover PPA.

Our improving behaviour programme is geared to help develop those young people struggling with school life.

6. Business & Admin

7. Employability Skills

8. Mentoring & Coaching

9. Hospitality and catering

10. Business and Administration

11. Skills for Life and personal Development